Parking/Check Point


To visit the Basilica di San Francesco, we recommend:

  • Piazza Giovanni Paolo II (SABA Parcheggi) Piazza Giovanni Paolo II – Assisi – 06081 Tel: 0039 075 8155225 Fax: 075/8197328 Email:
  • Ponte San Vetturino (SABA Parcheggi) – Loc. Ponte S.Vetturino – Assisi – 06081 Tel: 0039 075/815396 Email:
To visit the Chiesa di Santa Chiara e San Rufino , we recommend:
  • Porta Nuova (SABA Parcheggi) Piazza Porta Nuova – Assisi – 06081 Tel: 0039 075 813707 Email:
  • Matteotti – Piazza Matteotti snc – Assisi – 06081 Tel: +39 075/815164 Email:

CHECK POINT from 1 March 2016 to 30 November 2016 (dal sito web: Saba Parcheggi Assisi)

Coaches arriving in Assisi can load and unload passengers in the SABA ITALIA authorised parking areas and can wait in one of them by paying a one-day pass:

One-day pass 1st day € 88.00. One-day pass 2nd day € 44.00. One-day pass 3rd day and subsequent days € 13.00

Validity of bus one-day pass: from 8 am on the arrival date to 9.30 am the following day, including loading/unloading passengers and daily parking. The one-day pass for arrivals after 6 pm will be valid the following day and the day after until 9.30 am. After paying the one-day pass, the people in charge of SABA ITALIA will give the following to the Bus in transit in any of the aforesaid parking areas: Effettuato il pagamento della tariffa unica giornaliera, in uno qualsiasi dei parcheggi sopra indicati, gli addetti SABA ITALIA consegneranno al Bus in transito:
  • “ASSISI BUS” magnetic card
  • Holographic parking permit
The Magnetic Card enables the Bus to access one of the aforesaid parking areas freely throughout the entire validity period and load and unload passengers without further expenses or procedures, whereas the Holographic Permit, once applied to the windscreen of the Bus, will also give right to parking. SABA ITALIA operators in the parking areas are also available for any information(sito web: Saba Parcheggi Assisi)


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