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DOMUS PACIS is a three star hotel located beside the Porziuncola Shrine and near to the places associated with the glory of Francis and Clare. It is a special place immersed in the mystic beauty of Assisi

DOMUS PACIS with its technologically advanced and well equipped Conference Centre is a prestigious location for Conventions, Congresses, Business Meetings, Training Courses and high-level seminars. It is for this reason that the Hotel seeks to provide a service level even beyond that expected by its guests, in surroundings which are both discreet and welcoming, with a wide range of facilities and a guarantee of total respect for the norms in force.

For this reason our Hotel has decided to develop a Quality Management System which conforms to the  Standard UNI EN ISO 9001, “Quality Management System”,  which is described in the Quality Manual and defined in detail in the Regulations of the business.

We are certain the quality of services depends considerably on one’s own resources. Professionalism, courtesy, readiness to listen and having the satisfaction of the guest as our primary aim are the elements that mark out a quality service. It is on the very factors that accommodation is provided for our guests.  Such elements, together with continuing investment in structures and innovations, have brought a steady increase in the quality of the services provided.  In order to guarantee these characteristics, today, tomorrow and in the future we consider the following strategies as our priorities:

  • Seek the satisfaction of our guests;
  • Seek that satisfaction by use of our own resources;
  • Seek a continuous improvement in the services provided and in the efficiency of the various processes;
  • Reduction of costs for non-quality services;
  • Continuing staff training;
  • Improved access to services and information.

The Quality Policy outlined above is achieved via measurable and quantifiable targets that are set out by management and are verified by a periodic check on the Quality System monitored by the senior management of the Hotel.

In order to offer a further guarantee of respect for these principles and assure the quality of our services by an impartial and authoritative third party, the Institute of Quality Certification, “Certiquality”, has been appointed as an oversight body. It is a member of IQ (International Certification Network) which brings together the most prestigious quality control bodies in 35 countries in the world.

Certiquality is an official organization which runs a check on quality management systems, the environment, safety and the quality of the product. It works also to ensure food safety, check information systems, and in the field of training.

We obtained our certificate in respect of our quality system to the Standard: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, for hotel services,  food supply and conferences.  The certificate is publicly displayed on the official web site of Accredia: Italian Certification Body, the only national body which is authorized to carry out such certification

Certificate Number : 9276/2

Seraphic Province of St. Francis ofm Domus Pacis

ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System –

Issued: 18-05-2005

Current certificate

The Hotel Management are obliged to put the Quality System into practice, to spread knowledge about it and to systematically oversee its operation, so that all Staff may act with the necessary competence in respect of the quality service expected and in line with the procedures set out.

We will all work together to provide a continual improvement in the quality of our services in line with the policies and directives of the hotel.

The Quality System Manager, who is responsible directly to the Director, has the responsibility for ensuring that the Quality Management System is applied and maintained so as to be in conformity with the applicable. The Quality System Manager has the duty of reporting to the Director on the state of the Quality System, so as to allow its effective oversight and consequent improvement where necessary.

The Director

Dr. Giuseppe Stirone


“L’impresa ha ricevuto un contributo a vlaere sui fondi POR FESR 2014/2020 Attività 3.3.1 per la realizzazione di attività di internalizzazione al fine di rafforzare la competitività dell’export e le proprie strategie di sviluppo internazionale.”

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