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Treat yourself to a culinary experience in our “Antica Frateria” Restaurant where the dishes are created in harmony with the rich Italian and Umbrian tradition

The food is both natural and absolutely delicious. The products used are cultivated locally and as close as possible to the hotel. The fresh ingredients and innovative menus which respect tradition are designed to highlight the unique taste of your destination: Assisi.

There is a reassuring family atmosphere in the three Restaurant dining rooms: Antica Assisi (Old Assisi), Il Roseto(The Rose Garden), Francesco e Chiara (Francis and Clare), where up to 700 people can be served, and it is enhanced by the relaxing surrounding of warm colours and natural wood furnishings

Expertly guided by our chef Federico Santini, our kitchen staff produce delicious dishes and are ready to organize Gala Dinners, Wedding Banquets and other celebrations, with especially designed menus served professionally by the restaurant staff.  Whether it is an evening meal with friends, a once in a lifetime event like a wedding or special anniversary, or a family or business event, our Team will make it memorable

For the midday meal you can try our home-made pasta: tortelli, umbricelli, pappardelle, which come with rich sauces of truffle, wild asparagus, or porcini mushrooms. In the evening try our speciality from Norcia, the lentil soup of Castelluccio, or oven-baked shin of pork and other prized meats enhanced by the genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Umbria

Our wine list, specially chosen to integrate harmoniously with the delicious food, aims to share the passion and talents of the vine growers and wine tasters  and to exalt the taste of our cuisine.

Our Menu

Choose to eat or dine at the Domus Pacis restaurant with proposals and dishes starting from € 11.00!

The Restaurant Rooms

3 restaurant rooms with capacity up to 700 seats


For breakfast perhaps more than any other meal customs vary from one region to another, and from one country to another. To wish you a Good Day, we serve a Continental Breakfast in the morning, backed up however with a buffet, taking into account both our Italian and International guests

The Cuisine

Our cuisine, drawing its inspiration from the traditional flavours of Italy and Umbria, presents menus that change according to the season and seeks to recreate that family atmosphere so typical of Assisi at one time


“L’impresa ha ricevuto un contributo a vlaere sui fondi POR FESR 2014/2020 Attività 3.3.1 per la realizzazione di attività di internalizzazione al fine di rafforzare la competitività dell’export e le proprie strategie di sviluppo internazionale.”

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