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Our cuisine, drawing its inspiration from the traditional flavours of Italy and Umbria, presents menus that change according to the season and seeks to recreate that family atmosphere so typical of Assisi at one time

The cuisine of the “Antica Frateria” Restaurant of Domus Pacis Assisi, has during the last few years been the subject of numerous positive reviews on the part of guests and has also been praised in print by travel writers and food critics. Our priority is not to over-elaborate with the dishes, which might confuse the palate, but to concentrate on freshness of ingredients which are sourced locally and emphasize this by the simplicity of the accompaniments.

We aim to  present a sequence of culinary delights aimed to satisfy sight, touch, taste and smell.  These senses are then satisfied in a harmonious and balanced way through the preparation of menus, which underline our passion for tradition and genuine recipes.

Umbrian cuisine is a joyful cuisine: it springs up from the earth, fire, research and experience because it is a cuisine that exalts the natural flavour of things. The ingredients are fresh: crunchy salads, aromatic herbs, seasonal vegetables, fresh tender meat, fowl from selected suppliers and love for the art of cooking will all come together to stimulate your appetite.

Most of our wines come from the region, but we also offer a small but select number of wines from the other best wine producing regions in Italy.

Our chef Federico Santini and the Kitchen Staff trained in the prestigious Hotel Institute in Assisi and after various experiences in some of the best Italian restaurants, continue to augment their experience through the assistance and advice of famous chefs thus demonstrating their love for this difficult profession. These experience have formed them into a great Team, and it is this teamwork that produces the excellent results.

We have cooked for illustrious persons who have made history on the world stage, but we cook with the same passion for all people who are our esteemed guests.

If you are unsure about what to choose during your stay with us feel secure in following the Chef’s suggestions, which include the following specialities;

Appetizers like Bruschetta, genuine Prosciutto from Norcia , the chief speciality of the region,  Capocollo and Lombetto with various typical bread accompaniments such as Torta di Pasqua and Torta al testo, liver blood sausages, traditional soups such as  Imbrecciata. Moving on to inviting first courses such as spelt soup, Strangozzi with truffles, Umbricelli (Noodles Spoletan style), Noodles with Porcini mushrooms;  and then savoury main courses such as pork ribs, Chianina steaks, grilled lamb, with to finish our wonderful traditional sweets: Rocciata,  Torcolo di San Costanzo, Torciglione, Ciaramicola.



“L’impresa ha ricevuto un contributo a vlaere sui fondi POR FESR 2014/2020 Attività 3.3.1 per la realizzazione di attività di internalizzazione al fine di rafforzare la competitività dell’export e le proprie strategie di sviluppo internazionale.”

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