The Mission

True hospitality lives here


Domus Pacis is at work in Assisi, for individuals and conferences, in the spirit which has always characterized Franciscans: hospitality. For eight centuries pilgrims and persons searching for the spiritual dimension have found a spring of growth and hope in these places.

We provide hospitality, because only in this way can we experience that meeting which for us is synonymous with the opportunity of growth in relationships. The mind turns to the lines in the Letter to the Hebrews, at Chapter 13, verse 2, where it is said, “Never forget hospitality: some having practised it  have without knowing welcomed angels”. That is why each one of you is an expected and welcome guest.

We want to help you during your stay here, taking care of your worries, so that you may be able to find the desired peace and joy which only an encounter with God can give.

The chosen mode will be the visit to the places and shrines of Assisi, immersed in the beauty of Art and the landscape of Umbria.

We also want you to know that by patronizing the hotel your stay here will help to assist the activities of the Friars Minor: their works of evangelization and charity in Italy and abroad, the studies and formation of young friars as well as the necessities of elderly and sick friars.

Hotel Domus Pacis Assisi